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Experience the Authentic Thai Cuisine on a Cool Rooftop Ambience: Tom Yum Thai, Indiranagar

Thai cuisine is one of the most loved cuisine worldwide for various reasons like; delicate cooking method, nutritional value and in some specific delicacy for its taste. Being a food diversity hub, Bengaluru has many well known Thai restaurants and among them all Tom Yum Thai stands out with its simplicity and elegance.

This rooftop restaurant is located on the CMH Road of Indiranagar. You can depend on Google Maps as it is bit difficult to notice from the moving vehicle.


As soon as the elevator door opens on the 4th Floor, a simple environment opens up before you. Ambient lighting and attractive wall arts will definitely win your heart. They have two kind of dining setup. One gives in-restaurant dining experience and another one gives you the rooftop dining experience. Restaurant interiors has been crafted with decent number of wall arts which illustrate the culture of Thailand in a simple manner. While the exterior has been decorated with plants, pebbles and a statue of Buddha as a symbol of peace. They usually play some of the great EDM albums in the background which fills the energy and makes the evening more lively. They do have a separate smokers zone.


They make you feel like you are in Thailand itself. Most of the stewards appears to be from North East region and they are well trained. They will be always there when you need them. I haven’t seen them interfering in between. You can brief them about your priority of dishes and how it should be served, they obey it very obediently. As per my experience language won’t be a problem with the stewards or managers.


It's been a while I tasted Thai delicacy. This restaurant illustrated a different level of approach by its culinary expertise in Thai food. Thai cuisine is one of a kind. They usually cook it very gently and it includes multiple steps even for a simplest dish. It requires a lot of patience and to get it right, it also requires expertise. Here in Tom Yum Thai, they have both expertise and passion. Our dining experience was really nice;

Tom Yum Vegetable Clear Soup: One sip and I felt like decades of odds got cleared in my throat. It was divine spicy. The spice level was equally balanced with the well cooked veggies. Just loved this soup and it’s a must try dish in here.

Tom Yum Veg Soup (with coconut milk): I experienced true Thai essence in this soup. The spices and herbs used in it was so perfect that each and every sip felt heavenly. Especially when some sips included lemongrass pieces. Ah! If I’m visiting this restaurant again, this soup is the whole reason for it!

Classic Raw Papaya Salad: It appeared so innocent by looks but believe me it tastes too spicy. It felt wonderful to me but some of my friends were not able handle the spiciness. However, it was well processed raw Papaya tossed with spicy Thai sauce and crispy peanut. It was classic in deed.

Tofu with Cashewnuts: Soft & well marinated tofu with well fried Cashewnuts! What more to expect, it was a perfect combination to satisfy our Thai food cravination at the first place. This dish was so cool we ended up ordering it two more times. 

Fried Tofu with Sweet Chilli Topping: Arrrrgh! It appeared to be challenging us all spicy lovers. It’s all about how much spiciness one can handle. I had 4 spoons of it and I was done! My eyes started to cry! Despite such strong spice level I really admire this dish. Because it was not just about adding more spice but the chef has managed to compensate the spiciness with equal amount of seasoning and assorted veggies. I have very few such places in Bengaluru where they know how to tame the spice and this is one among them.

Stir Fried Vegetables: The bowl full of vegetables or a bowl full of healthy calories. Being a non-diet oriented person I didn’t liked this dish as much I liked other dishes. Despite generous use of Soya & Garlic sauces, this dish tasted bland and felt something is not right. 

Green Curry with Steamed Rice: It was good. But it slightly failed to impress me in front of such great starters. However, the green curry went well with steamed rice.


As a welcome drink they offered Watermelon Juice which was nice, later during the dining session they presented Shula Red & White wine. I opted for Red Wine it tasted kind of ordinary but paired well with their Spicy Tofu. I also had a chance to taste their Virgin Mojito, it felt bit diluted and they have used lots and lots of ice which is really strange. Any how, taste of the Mojito was good but they can improve a bit.

Chocolate - Vanilla Scoop: It didn’t take much time to some of my fellow foodies to figure it out that Ice Creams are transported from Managalore’s famous Ideal Ice Creams. Its very very hard to find such Ice Cream in Bengaluru and I’m glad that Tom Yum Thai has taken an extra effort to serve the world famous Ideal Ice Cream in here. The texture of both scoops were so smooth that I fell in love with those. Just brilliant.

GudBud Ice Cream: It was a nice way to end our dining session. It was filled with generous portion of jelly, nuts and flavoured syrups along with strawberry, kesar ice creams and topped with a scoop of Vanilla ice cream. Lovely.

EVERYTHING ELSE: Pricing is moderate and affordable. They do have dedicated parking space in the cellar. Whole restaurant is very neat and hygiene has been maintained well.

FINAL VERDICT: It's a perfect place to enjoy the Thai delicacy and lovely rooftop ambience is a boon. Whether it’s a romantic date or friendly hangout you’ll definitely enjoy the simplicity of this place. 


Tom Yum Thai Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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