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A Wonderful Pizza Gallery : Whooppeez Pizza, Koramangala

Pizza, it's one of my favorite food & been part of my regular diet from past 12 years. And when FBAB organized it's 16th Bloggers meetup in whooppeezz how can I say no! Winter's Sunday afternoon was just perfect to try out new culinary expertise on my favorite food.

Located in a prime location at Koramangala, whooppeezz offer almost everything a pizza lover would expect.

AMBIANCE: Once you enter into the whooppeezz premises, you feel like you have entered the word of pizza. Though their in-house branding is basic, you'll surely love it's beauty of simplicity. Some cheesy wacky words cover walls & particularly a decal with a group of characters makes you to think about yourself. It has a decent seating arrangements and can easily house weekend crowd. Service counter is located in the center and it has huge windows which provides a good glimpse of kitchen. Over all ambiance is like classic retro themed. Simple yet brilliant!

SERVICE: I must say, they have dedicated work force. There is a reason for using such strong description. During our meet up we spilled drinks and dropped pizzas on table/floor many times, but within seconds they use clean it in disguise. We never noticed how and when they managed to clean it up. Even they acted to professionally while delivering pizza from kitchen to table. Each time they delivered pizza on time without making us to wait. And they were strictly wearing head cap while entering the kitchen. In one word the service was delightful.

PIZZA: They have some exotic array of pizza in their menu which will surely bring out child in you. I'm sure because I grabbed slices from each and every pizza they offered and enjoyed it without minding about others :P


But first it's about appetizers, breaking the conventional tradition they presented us Nachos with cheese & salsa dips. Nachos were extremely good and crispy and it went well with cheese. But salsa could have been better with little more tangy twist. Then comes cheese Garlic bread. It was nice. They also had option of mushroom topping for the garlic bread.

Then begins the festival of pizza...

Hawaiian Fusion: Aaah! It was pure tropical delight. This pizza had thin crust with moderately added cheese with tomato sauce. Fresh pineapple and jalapeño chunks with little twist of chili flakes created a wonderful experience to my taste buds. Just loved it.

Paneer Fanatico: True it's origin, this pizza had thin crust. Paneer used as topping in this pizza was slightly spiced with some kind of herbs I guess. It gave brilliant taste with its soul mate capsicum. I never tasted such a different taste of paneer before. Too good.

Eggizza: Here comes the surprise! To be frank, I'm not such a big fan of egg and rarely I taste egg. But I must admit, appearance of this pizza tempted me so much I ended up having two slices of it. In general egg tastes odd with cheese, but hats off to the inventor of this pizza it tasted so perfect with the side kick of black olives & cocktail sauce. It's not just a pizza, it's a fine art indeed!

THE veg WHOOPPEEZZOO: Clearly it's their Bazooka to hunt down the guest! I have tried many cheese burst, double chesse, cheesy delights, bla bla bla in many other Pizza restaurants. But Whooppeezz's WHOOPPEEZZO stands above all. They also call it as double-Decker in general, it has layer crust containing generous amount of cheese in between layers  on top with exotic veg toppings. No matter how hard you try you'll surely end up spilling cheese out of your mouth. It's a real adventure to have whole pizza by an individual!

Veg Explotica: Veggie lovers will surely love this pizza. It's full of vegetables like capsicum, olives, jalapeño, sundried tomato & onion with barbeque sauce. It's definitely a rich veg pizza.

BBQ Bonanza: Though it has similar toppings compared to other popular pizza, each topping has a different story behind it before being on top of this pizza, Panner has been barbequed to the perfection & capsicum has been roasted. It really enhances the taste entirely in a different way.

Tandoori Paneer: By the it arrived, we had lot of pizzas which had paneer toppings. Since paneer tasted differently in each pizza, I tried a small slice. Yes! It tasted more tasty and exotic than other.
I really admire the chef for his/her creativity and effort in giving different twists to taste of similar toppings each time. Truly a bravo!

Cremelicious Pasta

PASTA & DESSERTS: I got mixed feeling about their pasta. Some of them were too good but some were just okay. While "Cremelicious Pasta" tasted too good with its buttery buttery taste  mild flavor, "Arrabbiata Pasta" tasted just okay as I felt it lacked the tangy-ness and the flavor of tomato was too much. May be those wonderful pizza had set my taste standards too high to handle this pasta. ;)

When it comes to desserts, they have very few options. But each one will certainty justify the climax of your dining experience.

Tre Leche was a kind of Milky cake. I had it before in a Delhi restaurant with wine dip. But here it was more spongy and they serve it with condensed milk and cake is topped with lite layer of cream & choco chips. It's really nice dessert.

Chocolate Pizza, kids will surely love this. Got chocolate spread evenly across the pizza with the topping option of gems or almond flakes. Even the edge of crust is filled with chocolate. It's really hard to resist such great dessert even if you have diabetes!

Caramel Shots, nowadays desserts in the form of shots are getting popular and whooppeezz is definitely getting along with that trend. Layers of cream, chocolate & caramel was feast for both eyes and taste buds.

EVERYTHING ELSE: Hygiene has been maintained well across the restaurant. Since it is located in a busy street, parking could be difficult for both two & four wheeler. They have a selfie corner with many fun gears, just grab one take a wacky selfie!

FINAL VERDICT: This restaurant is great option for those who are tired of traditional pizza outlets. Once you taste their pizza for sure you will build up a fondly relationship with Whooppeezz. Hope they come up with more outlets soon.

4.5 / 5

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Selfie Corner



Cheese Garlic Bread

Cheese Garlic Bread with Mushroom Topping
Chocolate Pizza with Almond Topping

Arrabiatta Pasta

Friday, 22 January 2016

An awesome hangout place to StayOpen : The Open Box, St. Marks Road

If it's my last day of life and if I asked to choose one place to spend that day, I'll choose TOB.
Everything in here is freaking awesome. Once you reach 4th floor in this building you will notice that TOB is entirely a different world. Man! I just loved every second I spent in here!

LOCATION: It's on the same building where Federal Bank is located on St.Marks Road. They haven't done much branding on the exterior of the building, so watch out to make correct turn as it's located on one way road. It has valet parking option and plenty of parking space in the basement.

AMBIANCE: It's FREAKING AWESOME! While crafting this place they have thought in every possible angle to please all kind of guest / crowd. Trust me it has one of the best raw ambiance in Bengaluru. When the lift door opens at the 4th floor it appears like a wonder world has welcomed you.
They have divided restaurant into different sections to house different kinds of guests. It has separate section for families with hanging tables and low noise, also a moderate seating option near balcony with nice view of St. marks road, normal dining area, an awesome open air upper deck dining area which gives you the
feeling like stars are hosting your evening and a retro themed bar area with pool table which is perfect for music lovers and party animals.
As great as the ambience, music was awesome too. Each number was awesome than the previous one. DJ Ankith will surely keep up your mood throughout the evening! Just loved the music!

Science Project
DRINKS: Honestly, they can do little better on drinks. But nevertheless their presentation of drinks will surely compensate everything else. We were welcomed with the drinks "Piyya Kad Nariyal" which was served in ceramic jar (reminded me about pickles :P ) ; "Cuban Goli" which was served in goli soda bottle; and "THE science project" which is a vodka based drink served in a set of chemistry lab tumblers. When you mix two liquid, it changes the color! However, the science project tasted good.
We were also served with some more cocktails at the end. Namely: "Drip me tight" which was served on a stand. It looked exactly like some kind of dripping equipment ; "Kid Cream" was served in a bottle which looked like baby's feeding bottle. I must admit it was the most hilarious drink I ever came across (I'm talking about its presentation) ; "TOB Sharabath" was another great drink served in a normal bottle!

FOOD: It was as great & twisted as this place! They did a wonderful job by trying fusion with different cuisines, eye catching presentation and in-imitable taste. Every dish they serve will take you by surprise and you will end up wondering how the next item on your wishlist may appear like! Our food experience goes like this:

Firangi Paani: True to its name, it was mixture of 'firangi' avacado syrup with 'desi' Jaljeera. It was served with golgappe and it tasted good.

Kolkata by Trawler: We gave it a local name 'bhel puri'. They serve it in a box with all ingredients separately. You need to mix the ingredients yourself as per your appetite need. It tasted good, but I was expecting it to be better!

Hummosa: Another starter served in glass cups. It was a desi fusion. It appeared to be sour at the beginning but I ended up loving it.

Veg Manchurian Pizza: An innovative dish which clearly won our heart. The topping was like gravy with lot of cheese. It perfectly coped up with my taste buds. I wish it was bit more spicy.

Fettusuey: Served as main course, it's like mother of all fusions. They combined Roman cuisine's fettuccine to the fusion of American-Chinese cuisine's chopsuey. This is one tremendous successful experiment which not only satisfies your taste buds but also leaves you mesmerized about this idea! I just loved it!

Happy Ending Biryani: Wait! If you are imagining spicy hydrabadi or dum biriyani before opening the cooker lid (yes! they serve it in colored fancy cooker) you will be completely wrong. As it's name suggests, it's a mild "happy ending-wala" biriyani. Nevertheless, its delicious and helps filling the small gaps in your stomach!

How come desserts can be normal! Yes they were too out of the box!

Kapi Custard: the soothing taste of coffee will carry you away. It's a perfect blend!

Mini Oreo Baked Cheese Cake: Chocolate crust go well with the cheese cake. It's an awesome dessert indeed!

Magai Pan Ice Cream: I'm not a big fan of pan flavors. But, it was nice!

SERVICE: "dedicated" is the word which I love to use to describe their service. Our steward kept us engaged by serving dishes drinks one after another. And every time he use to explain about dishes 2-3 times patiently due to loud music. They do have well trained staff who will make sure about our comfort throughout our dining experience.
Feed back form designed like an inland letter 

FINAL VERDICT: as their moto #stayOpen, this place will surely makes you to open up for joy  happiness. With a right company you will surely enjoy this place.


Team Lunch? They have 
a special place for you

#StayOpen : Painting which resembles

our expression when we enter this
restaurant for the first time.

Family Room with Hanging Table

Feed Back Box

Bill arrives in a match box


Cuban Goli

Kid Cream

Drip me Tight

Virgin Margarita 


4.0 / 5

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