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A Boozing Heaven: The Boozy Griffin, Marathahalli

When someone is passionate about food, drinks, service & hospitality… And if they want to share the same passion with the society, a classic pub like “The Boozy Griffin” will be born. This place is as catchy as its name. Literally this place looks like a luxurious as well as a cosy nest. I’m glad that I was able to explore this place with my fellow foodie friends during 47th FBAB meetup.

Apart from Koramangala this is The Boozy Griffin’s second establishment located on the outer ring road near Adobe / JP Morgan, Marathahalli. Google maps can help you to reach there accurately and meanwhile Zomato helped me to land 1 KM away! :P


Is it classic? Upscale? Or Trendy! It's hard to describe in one word. At first glance it appears like a lively place but upon exploring it more you'll come to know how great the ambience is. Definitely management has put a lot of effort in crafting every corner of this property. May it be vintage looking furniture, wall decals, paintings or display properties, everything seems to be having a purpose. It has different styles and arrangements of seats which suits all kind of crowds, the lighting is just perfect as per the theme.
The smokers alley reminds me about the old town streets of London and why not, each and every property installed in this pub threads itself with London culture. Whether its London bridge in the backdrop of the bar or the lamp posts everything will surely makes you to feel like you have ran back in time to London. Bar is ideally in the middle of the pub, its quite large compared to contemporary pubs in Bengaluru and can serve a large number of stags. Meanwhile some parts of the pub feels cosy and warm creating a perfect space for romance and privacy. Totally, just ambience is enough to win your heart.


It feels like someone you know for a long time is serving you. Their crew provide such an experience to you. They have blended the technology and hospitality very well in here. A service calling device placed on your table provides you an extra level of comfort, ease and convenience to instruct your steward or to avoid unnecessary interventions. Stewards & managers are too friendly and always ready to serve you as per your requirement. Their smiling attitude will definitely pamper you a lot. Though we were a huge group of people, they managed to deliver every order precisely.


The Boozy Griffin is one among such rare pubs which gives equal priority to mocktails compared to cocktails, which makes us easy to include non-alcoholic friends in our parties. Believe me, each and every cocktails & mocktails we had that night was awesome. May it be the presentation, texture or the taste, it was really outstanding. They also have wide variety of beers and hope they serve beer from tap soon.

Some of the Mocktails we had are:

Bora Bora : First drink of the evening and it definitely impressed everyone. It was an elegant mixture of Passion Fruit syrup, pineapple and a pinch of lemon flavor.

English Chocolate: It was classic and stood out of the league. Its much recommended for chocolate lovers. Its the mixture of fresh cream, banana, chocolate and apple juice.

Die for you: This was my personal favorite. It was creamy and pinchy at the same time with the light sourness in the background. I just loved this drink and yes! I can die for this drink.

Key Lime Pie: Its more of a dessert than a mocktail. I just tasted it once, it had the traces of vanilla and cinnamon.

And now about  cocktails:

Cosmopolitan: A straightforward drink with no fancy flavors. It was vodka based along with the combination of cranberry and lime.

Griffin Dot Com: A special drink which is carries the brand name Griffini. It was presented on smoking base which added more temptation. This vodka based cocktail had a great combination of pineapple, cinnamon & lemon grass.

Boozy Foxtail: This was whisky based cocktail with a strong note of taste. It will definitely make an impression to the whisky lovers.

Rainbow Shooter

If you are in Griffini with a gang, then you must try this drink. As soon as this drink arrived on our table, we started to choose the colors of which we will have. A perfect chemistry must have been worked out in the bar to create this marvelous drink with different colors. It was really great!

Dr No: Brilliantly chosen name, this was the vodka based drink with green apple flavor in the background and with strong ginger aroma. I loved it.


They have succeeded in creating a great menu which has covered almost all international cuisines. It is really happy to see that they have given equal priority to vegetarian food too. Each and every dishes will make you to crave more forgetting about your stomach’s limitation. Our dining experience included following menu:

Peshawari Tarkari: The first dish to arrive on our table and it tasted so delicious. Perfectly cooked vegetables were tossed with perfect blend of peshawari masala.

Veg Nachos: Nachos were perfect and the veg salsa supplied with it was great. Both tasted good.

MagicShrooms: This is USP of the boozy griffin. Though I won’t eat mushrooms generally, the presentation tempted me so much and the reactions of my fellow foodies made me to taste this dish. And I would have regretted a lot if I hadn’t tasted it. It was heavenly. I ordered one more plate of this.

Tex Mex Roll: This was another dish which I loved to the core. The fried roll of raw vegetable dipped in the cheese filled veg salad was really impressive. I really loved having it again and again.

Grilled Veg and Hummus Quesadilla: Though it looks very normal in presentation, with combining the right amount of salsa it becomes deliciously temptative dish. A brilliant work of chef.

Stuffed cheese Onion Rings: How can some one hate this dish. Everything about this dish was perfect. It was fried and stuffed accurately.

Beer Batters Cheese Ball: Another dish which crowd loved the most. Right from the presentation to taste, it was just great. I don’t know how many time we ordered this dish. It was an ultimate satisfying starter which I had in recent times.

Griffin Exotic Pizza: Ah! It was exotic in deed! Appeared like it has been baked in oven of heaven. And the toppings… they were too good. Especially caramelized onions, it tempts me even when I think about this pizza. I loved this pizza so much.

DESSERT: In my view, dessert is the last thing you remember after a great party in menu. So, its better to get it right as it puts a final impression. And yes! The Boozy Griffin has successfully imprinted its final impression with two great desserts;

Lava cake: It was good with the right texture, softness and sweetness. It was indeed a perfect way to end your dining experience.

Coffee Rum Cheese Cake: Personally I didn’t like this dessert as the base was too hard and due to uneven spread of sourness. The coffee flavour was very light.


They do have valet parking facility along with a decent space for two wheeler parking. They take hygiene factor way too seriously. Every corner of this pub was neat and tidy. I was able to get a glimpse of kitchen too and it was managed well and systematically.
The only flaw I observed was, as the music pumps up you will feel like dancing but there is no enough dancing space at all. Management has to take a serious note on this and should try to expand dance floor.

FINAL VERDICT: Whether its your first date night or a night with your buddy group. This place is just perfect for everything. Just forget the time boozing yourself at The Boozy Griffin.

4.5 / 5 


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