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A raving Pub with a Rusty Ambience: Bottle and Glass, Indiranagar

The pub life is all about drinks… What else can sound better than “Bottle and Glass” for a pub which is located in the heart of Pub Capital of Bengaluru - Indiranagar. Competitive Pricing, Delicious Italian, Mexican and continental cuisine, bar with the decent collection of drinks and a rusty ambience totally gives Bottle and Glass a stand out appeal.


Your group suddenly feels like a gang, your dining experience appears to be like audition for roadies and conversations surely will go deep & true with the drinks. Yes! Bottle and Glass offers such an unique raw ambience. As soon as you enter the second floor a series of art made out of rusty metals will welcome you. The huge metal door made up of various metal parts gives you the feel that you are entering a fortress. The interiors wouldn’t stand different. First thing grabs your attention is their furniture made of metal. For the record they are equally comfortable as raw as they look. They also have high chair dining area for large crowds and an unique wooden dine-table setup which seems like reserved for a king & queen. 

The Bar on the other hand looks very classic with the decent display of the drinks, some of the famous wacky lines written on the black board at the counter will make you to think again. DJ console is located right next to the bar and it hangs from the roof with support of chain.
Dance floor is ideally located near the bar and it’s perfectly low lit. You just can’t avoid yourself by entering dance floor as the music pumps up!
I personally liked the open air balcony kind of setup they have, it genuinely feels relaxed as you watch the traffic passing so quickly while your life is paused out of those hassles for a moment.


Stewards and managers know their job very well. But I feel they need to be trained more in the hospitality aspect. However, they never missed any orders and delivered everything precisely in time. But some of us found it’s easy to get new drinks from bar counter itself instead of ordering from table. I think vigilance fact was quite low to the stewards and it is completely acceptable as this place is just few months old.

DRINKS: They have a good collection of cocktails. I tasted most of them and I felt some drinks needs to be improved. During the dining session most of the time I sticked to Beer as their food paired well with Beer itself.



Babycorn Schezwan sauce: A crunchy version of Babycorn which was just irresistible. Though the menu stated that it was tossed in Schezwan sauce, the trace of Schezwan was very less and more over some of the chunks were too raw. However I liked it with the combination of sweet pudina sauce. 

Sesame Paneer: It was just brilliant, texture was worth prising. Chef has managed to bring the perfect balance of spice and sesame taste. Liked this starter to the core.

Lajawab paneer tikka: Paneer was well marinated but the balance between different spices were lost. This is the only dish I didn’t liked that much.

Mucho Nachos: Peculiarly this starter was served after Main Course. Many of my friends who are big Nacho fans were eagerly waiting for it. And when it arrived the bowl was emptied within minutes. The Mexican Corn chips were crispy and appeared like freshly fried, the veggies well mixed with cheese and served with tangy salsa and cheese. It was good.


To my surprise, Pizza in here can easily compete with any major Pizza serving restaurants. They have limited pizzas in their menu, but they are pioneers in those. All their pizzas are thin crust and prepared using wood fire. We tasted three varieties in their veg selection; 

Mushroom, Peppers and Olives Pizza: The speciality of this pizza lies in its base… Because the base is made up of Naan Dough. Yes! You read it right, naan dough… An unique fusion of Indian & Italian delicacies. It was topped with carefully chopped mushrooms, olives and light sprinkle of peppers. The Naan Dough was infused so well that finding the difference between true Italian base & this was really hard. I really appreciate their experiment as it tasted delightful.

Vegetariano: This was feta cheese pizza which had tantalizing toppings like Zucchini pepper and tomato. It tasted delicious as the toppings were fresh and it blended well with feta cheese.

Mexican Paneer and Capsicum Pizza: What’s Mexican Paneer!? Its nothing but desi paneer marinated with true mexican spices and cheese. Finely chopped capsicum stood as a great combination with the Paneer. I loved this pizza more than any other.

Subzi Matka Biriyani: The presentation of this dish was an absolute surprise! As it was served in a leaf bowl just like temples serve ‘prasadam’. At the beginning I thought someone bought it from nearby temple and it took me a minute to know that it was this restaurant’s way of presenting this dish. 
And about its taste, Mmmm… It was the best Matka Biriyani I had in recent times. It’s really hard to believe that pub like Bottle and Glass can serve such a great Biriyani. Because, many biriyani oriented restaurants has failed to provide an awesome biriyani.
Since the portion they served was very little, I ordered one more again. It was a wonderful combination of vegetables, well marinated paneer and fried onions which just trapped my foodie soul for a moment.

Chocolate Mousse Shooter: They have very few dessert option and I think this was their USP. Though the caramel taste was over seeding the chocolate taste, for those who want to experience sugar rush it was perfect. Personally I think it was good enough to end your dining session.

EVERYTHING ELSE: Since it is located in second floor, they done the outer branding on the second floor itself which makes bit difficult to notice this place from fast moving vehicle. So, its better to depend on Google Maps. Limited parking space is available around this restaurant. I’m not sure about the valet parking facility.
Even though it has ambience of rusty metal, they have not compromised on hygiene factor. Each and every corner is spotless. They do have smoking area near balcony.

FINAL VERDICT: If you want to unwind yourself in macho style, the raw ambience of this place suits the purpose. Delicious food is an added advantage. I recommend this place for its food and ambience.

3.5 / 5

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