Tuesday, 29 November 2016

The best Hawaiin Experience in town : Three Dots and a Dash, Indiranagar

Except the fact that a sexy beach is missing, Three Dots and a Dash offers you a great Hawaiian Tiki bar experience with its brilliant roof top ambience and lovely cocktails collection that too in the heart of the city.

So, what does the name even mean? Most of the people know that “Three Dots and a Dash” (...-) stands for Letter “V” in the Morse code which was used by alliance forces to convey the Victory message. But another fact is, in the memory of Alliance Victory during World War II, a Hawaiian Tiki Bar named ‘Don the Beachcomber’ created a drink called “Three Dots and a Dash” which got popular just in few weeks for its spicy taste and for honouring the victory.

Does this place lives up to its name’s legacy? Absolutely… It clearly appears that before building this place a lot of effort has been gone in to perception to create the perfect Hawaiian Ambience. It may be the walls of Bamboo, wall decals, bar counter or the rooftop seating arrangement everything succeeds in providing optimum experience to the guests. 
They have both air conditioned indoor and open air rooftop setup. I personally prefer rooftop as it feels just wonderful with all those dim lit raw ambience. This place is built around a coconut tree which is an unique feature and they offer the tender coconut from the same tree as welcome drink. I just loved this concept.

We were welcomed with fancy garlands and a genuine smile. Since they launched new menu for cocktails and food, stewards got confused to state the names of the drinks but the issue was quickly sorted out with the intervene of cool manager. He explained the varieties, origin and the preparation methods about the drinks. Stewards were active all the time and quickly responded to our orders. They respect your privacy completely and never interfere between you, your food and your conversation.

As they completed 1 year on last Sunday (20 Nov 2016), they introduced some new tiki cocktails and delicacies. We were invited to taste and review their new culinary achievements.

This restaurant is famous for its Tiki Cocktails… What’s Tiki Cocktails? Well, most of the tiki cocktails will be Rum based and the tastes are driven by various spices and natural essence like flower extracts, citrus, honey, etc. Its one of the popular drink style in many tropical regions. As per my knowledge, Three Dots and a Dash is the only restaurant which is serving large choices of tiki cocktails in Bengaluru. Here, they serve all tiki cocktails in a fancy mugs which are as wacky as their cocktail names. Our experience goes like this;

Dark & Stormy: True to its name! It was a tempting mixture of simple ingredients like Gosling’s Black Seal Rum and Ginger Beer with a light citrus kick from lime juice. I liked this drink for its simplicity and for revealing true liquor taste in the background. This drink became the benchmark to compare other drinks they served that evening.

Fog Cutter: Honestly, I didn’t liked this drink that much. The trace of liquor was too strong and I couldn’t able to handle it. It’s a bourbon drink with gin and aged rum. Yes! They have tried to tame it with different fruit juices like pineapple, orange, lime and honey syrup. But still in my perspective it was too strong.

Jungle Bird: I liked this drink, it was like splashes of many flavours at once. Being dark rum based drink it was treated with the generous portions of Campari & Cointreau along with orgeat and other spicy syrups. Being a spicy lover this drink won my heart. But I think they need to experiment more by using different proposition as I felt it could have been better.

Pineapple Daiquiri: It was proportionate mixture of aged rum with pineapple & lime juice. It was pretty straight forward and didn’t appealed much to my taste buds.

Rum Crusta: I had this drink somewhere in Delhi and I remember how magical it tasted over there. But in here it was just average. The whole point of this drink is to entertain different parts of your tongue. But here it tasted just bland. Need to improve this drink. It contained Aged Rum, Cointtreau, Maraschino &Lime Juice.

Rob’s Mistake: The flavours were so rich and confusing at the same time. Flavours just appeared to be overlapping each other. Yet, it was worth trying. It is the craziest definition for Tiki Cocktails and I kind of liked it. Its light rum and London dry Gin based cocktail with Passion fruit puree, Frangelico, Pineapple syrup and medium traces of Grenadine & Dark rum.


Since I was the only vegetarian in the group I thought it will be difficult to blend in food tasting experience with the fellow bloggers. But thanks to service team and to the chef, each and every time they use to serve vegetarian version of their delicacies which they have crafted specially for Anniversary launch.

Ceasar Salad: The presentation was nice. By looks itself it appeared very healthy. Raw vegetables were processed well and the choice of veggies were great.

Lemon Coriander Soup: Another healthy starter which I generally see in calorie / organic oriented restaurants. Tasted good as the spice level was accurate.

Herb Cheese Stuffed Mushroom: Though I don’t like mushrooms much, I had a 2-3 chunks of it and it tasted good. The sauce provided with it helped me to push the mushroom taste aside.

Vegetable Croquettes: Mmmm… who doesn’t love such great fried dish. Everything about this dish was perfect. The vegetables used in the stuff was well cooked, they have used right amount of filling and fried it to the perfect golden brown. In matter of seconds this dish disappeared on our table.

California Spud: I didn’t like this dish that much as it appeared only like baked potato without any extra seasoning.

Quesadillas Vegetable: Delicious! I don’t know how many of these I had. The filling was too good as the assorted veggies were well cooked and it was a perfect balance between spiciness and tanginess. Just loved it.

Vegetable Tagine with Couscous: True to its origin of middle east, it was nice. I just wish that they have added some more assorted veggies. Nevertheless it tasted good.


Hawaiian Banana Split with Fresh Ice Cream: The presentation was mindblowing. It came on the top of half sliced pineapple decorated with well sliced Banana slices. The ice cream scoops were so tempting that without any second thought we attacked it. It was delicious!

Chocolate Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream: Brownie was good but not great. However it serves the purpose. Vanilla Ice Cream was soft textured and it made brownie to taste better.

EVERYTHING ELSE: Apart from tasty tiki cocktails and wonderful food, this place also offers Hookah with a great selection of flavours. Since I’m not a smoker (yup! Not even Hookah) I can’t comment on that. They do have valet parking and a decent space to park two wheeler. The open sky environment on the rooftop is wonderful but as it’s smoker's zone I wouldn’t recommend it for non-smoker or for family. Hygiene has been maintained well in the dining area and at bar.

FINAL VERDICT:  Though the ambience doesn’t seem like a hard core romantic but it’s definitely a buddies hangout place to chill out the weekend’s evening boozing the favourite tiki cocktail!

3.5 / 5


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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

True Italian Pizza in a cool roof top ambience : Onesta, New BEL Road

Onesta, one of the pizza place which was in my bucket list since I read the blog of  Navneeth Thimmappa (Life On Plates)  on Onesta, Koramangala Branch. But whenever I use to visit Koramangala, due to one or other reason I was missing to dine-in this restaurant. But when I heard Onesta has opened a new branch in New BEL Road which is just a few KMs away from my home, I couldn't able to resist and with in a week of its opening I visited this restaurant for dinner.

Honestly, I felt bit odd with my dining experience as I didn't knew they are running promotional trail. When the steward cleared me that its a free trail at the end, my whole odd experience got justified.

LOCATION: This restaurant is located above Mc.Donalds on the New BEL Road, it can be easily missed out from fast moving vehicle as the major branding has been done on third floor. Google Maps can help you to locate this place easily.


Its kind of Hybrid ambience, the front face of the restaurant gives a roof top dining experience and the inner part of the restaurant resembles a fine-dine setup with air conditioning. They have a open kitchen setup for baking the pizza at the outer dining area with a true Italian architecture and they have a bakery kind of setup in the inner dining area which houses desserts and starters. Overall ambience is refreshing, they have decorated the whole place with hanging flower pots, vibrant coloured windows and a country style cycle at the entrance.
We got the corner seat on the outdoor dining area which has a perfect view of New BEL Road. Table was quite small and they had stacked 2 comic books along with the cutlers. Being a comic fan I loved this concept and I hope they change them with new editions regularly. If so, I'll be a patron for this restaurant. 


Since they were running promotional trail, the service appeared quite straight forward. Instead of giving menu, steward dictated the menu and asked to choose 2 out of 4 veg pizzas and 2 drinks out of 4. The drinks arrived bit slowly, as we were not in hurry I didn't wanted to complain. But the steward was kind enough to replace the green apple drink when I complained that it was heavy on sweet side. Pizza were served at the right time and the steward didn't interrupted too much by suggestions which I liked the most.

Orange Mint Cooler

We ordered Orange Mint Cooler and Green Apple Cooler. As I mentioned earlier the Green Apple Cooler was too sweet, when steward wanted my opinion on drinks I honestly told about the problem. After he replaced it with another one, it tasted good. But, I wish Green Apple Cooler must had strong essence of Green Apple. On the other hand Orange Mint Cooler was perfect and refreshing. The texture of this drink was so tempting. I just loved this drink.

Farmhouse Pizza

We choose Farm House and Mexican Veg Delight, they served small pizza’s on a wooden pan. Farmhouse tasted good but I felt like they should work on quantity of topping. But the ingredients definitely succeeded in appealing my taste buds. Especially the crispy crunchy baby corn, lightly added bell peppers, roughly chopped onions and of course fresh black olives. 
Mexican Veg Delight tasted more awesome than the Farmhouse, cheese used in it was too good and the toppings were fresh. The quantity of toppings in this pizza was good. Main attraction of this pizza was cherry tomatoes which satisfied both eyes and taste buds. Along with the cherry Tomato it had capsicum, onion and tiny bits of red chili backed up with Tabasco sauce to give a perfect spicy twist. 

EVERYTHING ELSE: They do offer valet parking and two wheeler parking could be difficult as there is no parking place nearby. Hygiene has been maintained very well in every part of the restaurant. Seating is quite comfortable but it's not meant for long conversations. 

FINAL VERDICT: A perfect pizza place with true Italian origin and a great ambience. I definitely recommend this place for a great dining experience especially on a rainy evening. 

4.0 / 5


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Green Apple Cooler

Mexican Veg Delight

Monday, 7 November 2016

A ride to refuel the foodie in you : Naani Hotel, Vijayapura

“Aaaha… It was totally worth it buddy…” When I heard these words from my friend, there was a pause for a moment and then a sense of relief. It literally felt like a gamble as I convinced my friends overnight to ride early morning to this place and waited almost 2 hours at the door step of this restaurant to open. So, you might get the idea how relieved I felt when I heard those words.

Facade of  Naani Hotel

You might be wondering which restaurant it might be, you need to prepare yourself to ride or drive to the outskirts of the Bengaluru to experience their awesome breakfast delicacies. I’m writing about Naani Hotel, located in Vijayapura a 50KMs drive from Hebbal towards Chikkballapura.

Stone Wheels of Chariot, Near Temple Complex, Vijayapura
You can depend on Google to reach Vijayapura but upon reaching Vijayapura depend on local guidance to reach this restaurant as the location of this restaurant on Google Maps keeps on changing every 3 months or so on. 
Or after crossing Devanahalli Junction, there is one more junction just few kilometers before to IPC (Indian Paratha Company);take right in this junction and head straight till you reach Vijayapura By-Pass road. From their you seek local assistance.

Waiting outside the restaurant!
Our initial plan was to visit Nandi Betta to witness the sunrise, but as I’m a foodie freak, I convinced everyone to visit Naani Hotel first and then to head towards Nandi Betta. We gathered near Veterinary Hospital at Hebbal with our motor cycles and after a short brief we hit the road by 5.30AM. Though we maintained slow pace we reached Vijayapura by 6.45AM and then we found out from locals that Naani Hotel will open by 8.30AM. I was the culprit among the gang as I convinced them badly to visit here so early. We parked our bikes near the temple complex and went for a walk in order to kill the time. Upon returning, shutter of this restaurant was slightly open and cleaning process was going on. We waited at its door as if they are offering free breakfast. And yes, when they finally opened the restaurant at 9AM we were first to enter in and order. 


All I can say, it saved me from getting beaten up by my friends. It worth for all the sacrifices we made and patience we had. They serve their dishes on ‘mutthuga’ leaf backed up with a newspaper - Tricky to use, easy to dispose. Most of the dishes like rice bath, vada are prepared somewhere else and served here. Our food experience goes like this;

Bisibele Bath: Freshly out of their catering utensils, it was piping hot and very difficult to hold in hand. Upon tasting tiny first bite everyone's eyebrows raised and started mumbling Mmmmm unknowingly. In short - Bisibele Bath tasted like it came directly from heaven.

Masal Dosa: Every time I eat Masal Dosa, I usually compare it with legendary dosa restaurants. But in here, their Masal Dosa is completly from a different league. Even today when I remember it, I get mouthwatering feel. It was crispy, tasty and had an elegant texture. Aloo Palya was too good and the chutney provided a perfect combination. The taste was so good, I ended up having 3 dosas despite of my stomach’s plea to stop.

Masal Vade & Uddin Vade: After a long long time I tasted such perfect Uddin Vade, the ingredients were perfect and crispiness was worth a salute. On the other hand, Masal Vade was crunchy and the spice level was accurate. Loved these two snacks to the core.

Kesari Bath: It tasted good but not as great as other dishes. Four of us shared this dish as we were already full by other delicacies. I felt like sweetness of this dish is little more compared to standard restaurants in Bengaluru.
Chitranna: I just tasted few bites of it, I really regretted for not having enough space in my stomach for it. Though its commonly available dish in each and every corner in Karnataka, in here it felt so fresh and special. Aroma was nice and the sour and spiciness was balanced perfectly.

We really felt very happy and suffocation at the same time. Happy because we had such great delicacy & suffocation because we ate twice the limit of our tummy’s capacity like this is last breakfast we are getting before the world ends. Crazy but the quality of food justifies it. 


Its very very basic, you can’t expect any comfortable seating here. There are couple of wooden benches at a corner for those who like to sit and eat. Generally here people prefer stand-eat option. Whole place is not that huge but it can hold a decent crowd. At entrance, there is a cash counter and opposite to entrance they have food serving area.


They will be more than happy to serve you especially if they get to know that you’ve driven from Bengaluru to their Hotel. Sometimes they will suggest you to choose the dish. However, when it comes to billing, the things gets little messy. If you have a large gang, they miscalculate the number of items you ordered and they charge you more. So, you need to be clear and keep informing them as and when you take new dishes. 

Complex where Naani Hotel is situated
EVERYTHING ELSE: There is a huge space around this hotel which serves as a good parking space. Most of the customers to this restaurant are local villagers only and they start pouring in after 9AM. So, I would suggest you to be there by 8:00 AM and taste first bite of piping hot dishes. Apart from Dosa and Uddin Vada, they change their menu every day. They generally offer 2-3 extra special dishes on Sunday and during village festival season. Hygiene factor is satisfying considering  the fact that this hotel is situated in a village. There is no restroom here. They don’t serve coffee or tea, but there is a tea shop nearby which serves good coffee and tea.

FINAL VERDICT: Every mile you drove towards this hotel seems worthy once you taste their delicious hot Bisibele Bath and crispy Masal Dosa.  

4.5 / 5


  • Sujay Krishna, Deepthi (Yamaha Fazer)
  • Praveen, Sukrutha (Royal Enfield Bullet)
  • Sudhakar, Dharani (Royal Enfield Bullet)


1. Jain Temple, Devanahalli

2. Nandi Betta (Nandi Hills)

3. Sri Kailasagiri

4. Devanahalli Fort